A Friendly Letter

The following is an excerpt from a letter that camp received after one of our groups completed a 3-week trip on the James River:

To Whom It May Concern:

While canoeing on the James River near Buchanan, VA, I met a group of 10-12 teenage boys with their leaders having a wonderful time. About 10 days later, I met them again at Bent Creek, VA. I invited them to spend the night on my 5 acres I own there. They were very respectful, energetic, and still having a wonderful time. They had numerous scrapes, scratches, and bruises that accompany expeditions on the river (I have had many) and none seemed worse for the wear.

I think this is an excellent way for kids to bond, accept responsibility, and develop maturity while building self-esteem. Congratulations on your vision and choice of leaders who are real role models for the guys.

Your groups are welcome to use my place anytime in the future.