It All Started With a Vision...

The Bald Eagle Boys Camp board of directors was formed in 1990 from a small group of Mennonite businessmen who had a vision for reaching out to troubled boys and their families.

The camp began operation in January of 1995 with only three campers and five full time staff. Since then, we have grown to serve up to forty boys. Boys from the age of 9-15 are served in our program.

Bald Eagle Boys Camp is part of the WRTCA (Wilderness Road Therapeutic Camping Association), a group of camps that upholds the Loughmiller camping model. This model has been developed for more than seventy years and has been implemented in successful programs all across the nation.

Former Director Dave King
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A Place Great and Fair

Is there a place so great and fair,Where moths still dance (most days) in the air? Where stumps, yet blackened, inremembrance of long past blazestill ...
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A Mother’s Testimony

What you have done for my son and my family is beyond love. Perhaps you will never know how many years I prayed that Derek ...
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Bald Eagle The Light

The world was dark, I could not see,Stumbling over the things before me,Not able to walk the twisted path,Or throw off the anger that caused ...
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The Eagle's Nest: Articles by Our Campers

What is The Eagle's Nest?

Each session our campers share their thoughts, experiences, and adventures. We’ve chosen to post some of their articles on our web site to give you a window into the rich life of therapeutic camping.

Tent Building

Tent building is one of the fun things to do at camp. There are reasons why we build tents. First we have to see which ...
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Sauna at Scootac

How do you accomplish a sauna when Scootac is sealed beneath 7-8 inches of ice? You grab an ax and get chopping. That’s what Chief ...
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Why to Have a Good Attitude

Today I’m going to talk about why you should have a good attitude on a hiking trip. The first reason is that it keeps everybody ...
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The Camp

Find out what makes Bald Eagle unique and what it looks like to enroll in one of our programs.

Our Staff

Meet the staff that are currently running and supporting the every day activities of Bald Ealge Boys Camp.


A. No, we are a long-term therapeutic camping program. The average stay of one of a camper is 18 months. That time is divided into 6 week sessions here at Camp, followed by a 4-day home visit. 

A. While some cannot pay the full per diem amount, we do expect families to commit to a monthly payment based on your annual income and a sliding scale. The rest is made up by potential scholarship funds, donors, etc. 

A. While we do not have a traditional academic program, we do provide an excellent alternative education for our campers, with hands-on life skills being our focus. Upon leaving our program, most boys are able to go back into the proper grade in school. 

A. The definition of success definitely affects the answer to this question. However, we do say that we have an 85% success rate, meaning that boys who leave our program do not get involved in the justice system, and they are able to stay in school. 

A. We accept boys from ages 9 to 15. 

A. It is very important for a boy to feel like he is part of the decision. We expect a full commitment not only from the boy, but also from his family. If the boy, his family, and the people at Camp agree together that the camp program is a good fit for a boy, good things will happen. 

A. Most of the boys and families we serve are within 4 hours of camp. Living much farther away creates complications for doing family work, attending meetings, and providing home visit transportation.