Tent Building

Tent building is one of the fun things to do at camp. There are reasons why we build tents. First we have to see which tent needs to be rebuilt. Then as a group, we would decide what we want the tent to look like. In building a tent, you get to learn math because you have to figure out how much material you need. You also use math to square up the tent. Something cool about the tents is that it takes a lot of fixing. So, when you see something that needs fixed, we would go fix it as a group so all of us can have ownership. It also helps us take responsibility for our own campsite. When you start building the tent and making progress, you feel proud. After you finish the tent and you see that it looks just like you wanted it to look, you feel good. Building a tent sometimes doesn’t go the way you plan it to. So you have to talk through the problems and figure out how to solve them. In the end, you have made good memories and you would cherish the good memories for a long time. Just recently we as a group decided to make an octagon tent. We did not know how we were going to do it, but we sat as a group to figure out how it would be done. So we made a model on how the tent would look like. When we had the model done, we figured out how we needed to put on the roof tarp. Now we have the tent done and it’s looking good. Well, I hope you all have a fun time building your tent.

Written by: Abe
Group: Highlanders