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Call us or use the form below to reach out with any interests in enrollment or questions you have about our Wilderness Camping Program, and we’ll reply as soon as we can.


We are able to offer help to boys and families because of the generosity of the people who support us financially. Consider joining us in offering hope to families and children!

What to expect

Intake Process

1. Contact Us

Give us a call and talk to one of our family workers. We will mail you an application for you to fill out and submit. Once the application is submitted to our office, we give you a call and your son will get on the waiting list.

2. Interview

As an opening for your son approaches, a family worker will visit you and your son in your home for an interview and to discuss camp program and objectives.

3. Camp Tour

This usually happens a week or two ahead of your son moving to Camp. You and your son get a tour of a campsite, and your son decides if Camp is a place he can receive the help he needs. If yes, the date is set for him to move to Camp and join his group.

4. Intake

The move to Camp. Pack clothes, say goodbye to the family, and settle into the campsite. At this point your son is officially a part of his group.



Bald Eagle Boys Camp offers an array of exciting and fulfilling opportunities for individuals to serve in an environment focused on the growth and development of young boys. As a camp dedicated to empowering and inspiring the next generation, there are various roles available for those who wish to make a positive impact. To the right are the current needs/opportunities we have at the camp.  

Current Needs:

  • Chiefs to work with the campers

Current Needs:

  • Chiefs to work with the campers

The Camp

Find out what makes Bald Eagle unique and what it looks like to enroll in one of our programs.

Our Staff

Meet the staff that are currently running and supporting the every day activities of Bald Ealge Boys Camp.