Sauna at Scootac

How do you accomplish a sauna when Scootac is sealed beneath 7-8 inches of ice? You grab an ax and get chopping. That’s what Chief Levi did today at the Highlanders’ first sauna of 2018 (my first sauna, by the way). Chief Levi and Jacob got a fire going on top of some rocks in the Scootac fire pit. While we were waiting for the rocks to heat up, we played 2 games of Trees. I wont the second game. When the rocks were good and hot, we got a circle and changed into our swimming trunks. About that time, Chief Kenny came down and joined us for the sauna. Chief Kenny put some rocks in the center of the tent and we went inside. The first sauna wasn’t that hot. After sweating our hides off, we went outside and Chief Levi dumped buckets of ice cold water all over us. While we warmed up by the fire, Chief Levi got the hottest rocks from the center of the fire. Then we did the whole thing all over again. A tip for all of those once-and-done people. The second sauna is better than the first.

Written by: Matthew

Group: Highlanders