Why to Have a Good Attitude

Today I’m going to talk about why you should have a good attitude on a hiking trip. The first reason is that it keeps everybody moving. You could yell, “This is boring,” which would destroy everybody’s spirit. Or you could yell at the start of an incline, “This is the best part of a hiking trip.” That is the right type of attitude. This makes all spirits rise ‘til they can’t rise any more. The next reason is that it makes hiking fun for others. The attitude you have can affect others around you. If everybody is having a bad attitude and you are the only one that has a good attitude, don’t join in on the bad attitude. Help everybody have a positive look on life. Then there is the fact that it helps you enjoy hiking. If you tell yourself,“I can’t make this hill,” you’re not going to. Tell yourself, “I got this trail. I’m not going to back off. I’m going to power through.” The final reason is that it keeps the day moving. If you’re laughing and talking, the day will come and go and so will the trip. It all depends on your attitude for how the day feels. Those are the reasons why you should have a good attitude.

Name: Devyn

Group: Highlanders